General Materials

Conference Agenda
Participant Contact List

Big Bend Community Based Care, Inc. (Florida)

The Pod Handout
Honor Bay Children
Commitment Card
Breakfast What Can You Do
Bifold Proof Tallahassee
Foster Conflicts - Revised 1/31/13
Foster Parent Mentoring Program Manual

Children's Network of Southwest Florida

Final National QPI Presentation
Quality Parent Training Handbook

Clark County Department of Family Services (Nevada)

Final National QPI Presentation

Community Based Care of Central Florida

Three Year Licensing Protocol
Annual Three Year Licensing Summary
Request for Three Year License Form
Updated Annual Three Year Summary
Supervisor Feedback with Quarterly Tracking
What Foster Care and Adoption Is and What It Isn't

Community Partnership for Children (Florida)

Foster Parent Orientation
Foster Care Liaison
Foster Parent Mentor Qualifications, Training and Duties

Connecticut Department of Children and Families



Bridging the Gap Between Foster/Adoptive, And Birth Families - A
Bridging the Gap Between Foster/Adoptive, And Birth Families - B
Bridging the Gap Between Foster/Adoptive, And Birth Families - C
Bridging the Gap Between Foster/Adoptive, And Birth Families - D
DCF/FASU Acronyms
Types of foster care
Legal Consult - Top Questions
Pamphlet for Adolescent Recruitment
QPI Foster Parent Survey
QPI Social Worker Survey
QPI Teen Survey
Region 6 Brand Statement
Team B Recruitment E-mail
Teen Recruitment Flyer
DCF New Britain Area Quick Facts

Eckerd Community Alternatives | Hillsborough (Florida)

ECA Foster Parent Mentoring Program
Initial Licensing Survey
Professional Parenting: Building Partners, Teachers and Professional Caregivers
Eckerd Quality Parenting Initiative
Foster Parent Mentor Program Power Point
Transition Training

Eckerd Community Alternatives | Pasco/Pinellas (Florida)

Eckerd Quality Parenting Initiative
Case Management Training

Heartland for Children (Florida)

Partnership Plan
Passport to Parenting Training Agenda
Memo on Normalcy
Don't Say "No" Before you Know
Foster Friends Introduction

Orange County Social Services Agency (California)

QPI PP Presentation
Instruction Sheet for Caregiver Information Form - JV290 Info
Caregiver Mentor Training Curriculum Overview
Caregiver Mentor Application
Mentor Activity Log
Preferred Type of Mentor

Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc. (Florida)

Our Kids Foster Parent Photo ID Badge
Foster Parent Mentor Program Overview

San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency (California)

National QPI Convening PowerPoint Presentation
QPI National Training Activities
QPI County Training Agenda

San Luis Obispo Department of Social Services (California)

Annual Resource Family Survey
Resource Family Placement Review - 90 day
Resource Family Placement Review - After Placement

Washoe County Department of Social Services (Nevada)

Icebreaker Sample Form
Nevada Partnership Plan
ABC-V Conference Presentation