Foster Parent Champion Program: Making Caregiver Lives Easier

Contact us at:(702) 455-1149 or DFSFPC@ClarkCountyNV.gov

The Foster Parent Champion (FPC) Team is here to support you whether you're a newly licensed, unlicensed or an experienced caregvier. Our staff is made up of caregivers just like you and are here Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm to take your calls. We have a wide range of expertise including: Infants, Teens, Large Families, Medically Fragile, Relative Caregivers, Special Needs, and Spanish Speaking Families.

About the Program

Foster parents and relative caregivers are dedicated, informed and committed advocates for children. They spend time answering their children’s questions and making sure their children have everything they need. What happens when a foster parent or relative caregiver has a question or needs a resource? Who is there to support foster parents and other caregivers?

The DFS Foster Parent Champion (FPC) Program was developed to be that support system for caregivers with one main goal of Making Caregivers’ Lives Easier. This includes calling caregivers upon each and every placement to ensure they have all the resources they need, helping new caregivers navigate the child welfare system, assisting with general parenting strategies, and sharing information on upcoming training and community events.

The FPC Program is available for foster parents, relatives and fictive kin caregivers.

Foster Parent Champions are currently licensed caregivers that demonstrate quality parenting on a daily basis. They are excited to share their experiences and help you ensure your home remains a positive environment for children. The Foster Parent Champions know the value of quality homes that are safe, nurturing and caring for children.

The Foster Parent Champions hold foster care licenses for children ages birth – 18 years. Their licensure experiences include being foster families, relative and fictive kin families as well as an ICPC family.

About the Team

Marti & Patricia both have a house full of children. Their homes include a variety of biological, adopted and foster children. Every child in their home, whether they are staying for a day, a month or a lifetime, is considered family. Marti and Patricia both have experience with medically fragile children and large families.

Disa & Greg are the FPCs to contact when you have questions about teenagers! Their experience as caregivers and mentors can help you feel comfortable working with the teenagers in your home. They have creative ideas and suggestions for caregivers who don’t know as much as the teens in the home – who, of course, know everything!!! Disa is a relative caregiver and adoptive parent and Greg is a fictive kin caregiver and coach.

Beth & Julie have experience as both licensed foster homes and relative caregivers. Like Marti & Patricia, they have a house full of biological, adopted and foster children including relative and fictive kin placements. Beth & Julie understand the intricacies of relative licensure and ICPC placements. They know how important, although sometimes difficult, it is to maintain positive relationships with birth families for the benefit of the children.

Nikki & Berenice specialize in babies and toddlers. They can help you navigate the community resources especially important to this age range, ensuring a healthy start for these children. As our travel experts, Nikki & Berenice can help you come up with creative vacations to enjoy with your children. Berenice is also bilingual and assists with translations for our Spanish-speaking caregivers.

The FPC team’s goal is to make sure that foster families and relative caregivers have the support they need to continue providing safe, nurturing and caring homes for the children in Clark County.


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Nevada's Just in Time Training is a web based service program designed to connect foster parents, kinship or other caregivers with training, peer experts and other resources. Questions are answered and practical solutions to care for children are discussed - all from the comfort of your home or office.


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